About the company

LTD «TEC «ELCOM» is a dynamically developing company and a reliable partner in the Ukrainian electricity supply market.

The company has carried out licensed activities in the area of electric energy supply in Ukraine since 2009, is a full member of the Wholesale Electricity Market in Ukraine and has a number of made agreements about the electric energy transmission by territorial (local) electricity grids.

In its activity LTD «TEC «ELCOM» is guided by the fundamental principles of work that create the values and corporate culture of our company:

  • Customer focus. We create optimal solutions and consult interests of each consumer. We cater to the consumer needs, employing a flexible and individual approach. We establish for ourselves high standards of the providing services for the supply of the highest quality electrical energy to satisfy consumer needs.

  • Professionalism. The professional competence of our team is the formula of the success of LTD «TEC «ELCOM». We have the necessary knowledge and professional experience of electric energy supply, which is constantly improving, and therefore we do our work confidently.
  • Responsibility. We are responsible for our commitments; we don't leave any questions without answers, and problems without solutions.
  • Stability and Reliability. Stability, objectivity and understanding of the interests of each consumer is important aspects of our work. We are working on the constant development of each consumer, forming an attitude towards ourselves as the reliable supplier, hoping for the long-term relationships.
  • Effectiveness. We are never ready to rest. The priority direction of our solutions is satisfaction the needs of each consumer and profit its markup.

7 advantages WHY WE ARE chosen

Flexible payment system

Payment for the actual electricity consumption of the enterprise according to the convenient schedule without 100% overpayment.

Priority terms of supply

Absence of double cost for exceeding of the declared volumes for electric energy consumption.

Possibility of operative adjustment of the declared volumes of electric energy consumption to the 15th month of supply.

Possibility to order the required volume of electricity and capacity within the permissible.

Availability of discounts

Existence of a discount to the price of electric energy in comparison with acting retail tariff of the transmission company (oblenergo).

Service and technical support

We independently carry out all preparation of the necessary documents for registration of electric energy supply from LLC «TEC «ELCOM».

We provide daily free information services to ASKOE / LUZOD by qualified specialists’ company and processing of the data received from the accounting devices.

We provide legal assistance in case of disputable issues on electric power supply.

Long-term relationships

The long-term cooperation with consumers and the service level provided by the company is more profitable than the short-term cooperation. Due to this, today, different types of industrial enterprises of Ukraine, including companies with foreign capital are the consumers of LLC «TEC «ELCOM».

Reliability, stability and consumer trust

So far, the company successfully works in Ukraine.

After many years of doing business, the Company has not brought any contractual obligations for the electric energy supply.

We always put first the concept of reliability, stability and mutual trust in consumer relationship.


We will prepare an enterprise and help to move to new market conditions of electrical energy by Ukrainian Law “About the Electricity Market of Ukraine”.